WISX Smart Lift Monitoring

Sense, Connect, Manage and Integrate IoT

WISX Smart Lift Monitoring

The WISX Smart Lift Monitoring System provides an ideal end-to-end smart city solution on a single platform to enable remote monitoring of every aspect of lift operations. Utilising a non-intrusive approach, the system is versatile and can work with any lift brands and models to incorporate various sensors. It measures the key performance parameters of lifts and escalators for real-time status reporting and to reduce potential lift breakdowns and incidents. The collected data can be analysed to develop preventive and predictive maintenance regimes to enhance equipment reliability and provide valuable feedback for lift enhancements.

Key Features

  • Unified and Versatile
    • Supports multiple wireless communications networks on an integrated IoT platform (e.g. LoRaWAN and NB-IoT)
    • Provides universal Sensor Interface Units (SIU) that are compatible with many third party sensors
    • Option to select either cloud-based or onpremise infrastructure to suit operational requirement
  • Enhances Operational Efficiency
    • Provides real-time status of sensor performance
    • Real-time monitoring and alert system for different aspects of lift operation
    • Remote access to sensor performance through intuitive application
  • Optimises Maintenance and Resource Management
    • Automatic fault alert and notification to maintenance team
    • Preventive and predictive based maintenance
  • Enhances Security
    • Secure and robust end-to-end data encryption
  • Future-Proof and Scalable
    • Supports future add-ons of sensors and smart city services and applications for various industry verticals (e.g. smart street lighting, utilities monitoring, environment monitoring, public safety and security)

WISX Smart Lift Monitoring Products