WISX Smart Environment Monitoring

Unified, Efficient and Proactive

WISX Smart Environment Monitoring

WISX Smart Environment Monitoring provides an ideal end-to-end smart city solution on a single platform. It enables remote monitoring of every aspect of the environment by offering an intuitive overview of the environmental sensors for easy and efficient management. The system also alerts city operators on changes in the environment to make more informed city planning and increase overall maintenance productivity. The collected data can be analysed to provide insights to better develop preventive and predictive maintenance regimes to raise overall service delivery standards for residents.

WISX Smart Environment Monitoring comprises the following solutions:

  • Environment Monitoring (Air quality, weather and flood)
  • Noise Pollution Monitoring
  • Toilet Monitoring
  • Smart Bin Monitoring
  • Smart Rodent Detection and Capture


Key Features

  • Unified and Versatile
    • Support multiple wireless communications networks on an integrated IoT platform
      (e.g. LoRaWAN, 400MHz Band, NB-IoT)
    • Provide universal Sensor Interface Units (SIU) that are compatible with many third party sensors in the market
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency
    • Provide real-time status of sensors performance
    • Real-time monitoring and alert system to monitor different aspects of environment
    • Remote access to sensors performance through web-based application
  • Optimise Maintenance and Resource Management
    • Automatic fault alert and notification to maintenance team
    • Preventive and predictive based maintenance planning
  • Enhanced Security
    • Secure and robust end-to-end encryption
  • Long-lasting battery for meter interface
    • Battery powered meter interface unit with approximately 10 years of battery life
  • Scalable and Future-proof
    • Support future add-on of meters and smart city services/applications for various verticals
      (e.g. smart street lighting, utilities monitoring, lift monitoring and public safety and security)