Solutions: IoT Platform Solution

ST Engineering’s IoT suite of solutions help smart cities manage multiple city services on a municipal platform.

Smart Street Lighting Using smart sensors to remotely control and manage street lights, the Smart Street Lighting increases efficiency, reduces downtime and energy consumption.
Smart Utility Management Comprising automated smart metering for water, electricity and gas, the Smart Utility Management enable full awareness of meters performance for better utilities monitoring and management.
Smart Waste Management Having an efficient and responsive waste collection system is increasingly important to a city’s growth and sustainability.
Smart Lift Monitoring Utilising a non-intrusive approach to measure and monitor key performance parameters, the Smart Lift Monitoring minimises potential lift breakdowns and incidents.

Looking for IoT solutions and devices for LoRa Network? Find Sensor Interface Units for LoRaWAN communication networks & NB-IoT communication networks, as well as products for IoT devices analytics and more...

We offer end-to-end IoT products and solutions including sensor interface units, smart communications gateways, cloud-based IoT Platform, etc.