Products: Smart IoT Sensors and Gateways

IoT Sensor Interface Unit

WISX IoT Sensor Interface Unit provides seamless connectivity from various frontend sensors and devices to the backend WISX IoT Platform, through the WISX IoT Communications Gateway. It supports various communications networks such as RF Mesh, LoRaWAN, WiFi, 400MHz band and NB- IoT.

IoT Communications Gateway

A key enabler for Smart City Management

The WISX IoT Communications Gateway unifies different wireless sensor networks into a common platform to control and manage differenr applications and processes. It supports various communications networks such as RF Mesh, LoRaWAN, WiFi, 400MHz band and NB-IoT.

Smart Lock

WISX Smart Lock virtualises the physical key of a
lock. It delivers a flexible and scalable enterprise
solution for managing access control to any
organisation’s facilities anywhere in the world.

Unified Cloud-based IoT Platform

The WISX unified cloud-based IoT Platform leverages smart data analytics, deep learning and advanced wireless communications technology to transform huge amount of data to useful insights and predictive actions for optimised city management. This network-agnostic IoT Platform enables organisations to operate in any network environment such as RF Mesh, LoRaWAN, WiFi, 400MHz band and NB-IoT. Its open IoT architecture delivers end-to-end connectivity with ability to scale and meet future expansion of IoT Services.