ST Electronics Launches Integrated Communication System

February 13, 2012 Singapore

SuperneT™ Vehicular Integrated Communication System ST6800 (SuperneT VICS)

ST Electronics launches at the Singapore Airshow 2012, the SuperneT™ Vehicular Integrated Communication System ST6800 (SuperneT VICS).  An advanced compact IP-based integrated voice and data communication system, it provides a network platform to facilitate integration of heterogeneous C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) systems to allow for interconnectivity, survivability and interoperability. The SuperneT VICS offers an ideal platform for collaboration, providing speed of command and enhanced operational efficiency for workgroups on wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, and small naval crafts operating in high tempo and harsh tactical environments.

Open C4ISR Vehicular Architecture, Scalable and Future-Proof
Increasingly, as operational requirements and technologies evolve, defence agencies face challenges to upgrade and adopt new vehicular systems and solutions. These challenges are constraints to interconnect various C4ISR systems as traditional vehicle equipment and functionalities are tightly coupled and inflexible. This has resulted in high system integration costs and high SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power and Cost) demands on combat vehicles.
The SuperneT VICS overcome these challenges by adopting an open system architecture approach. It allows easy upgrade, interconnectivity and interoperability by offering a standard Gigabit Ethernet (GE) interface backbone that serves as a common network fabric to connect all C4ISR systems.  It exploits IP technology to facilitate the convergence and integration of voice and data services. The backbone supports system design that shares processing resources and display over network to simplify inter-system connectivities and reduces SWaP-C.

Integrated and Secured
Another key feature of the SuperneT VICS is the secured, fault tolerant dual GE ring backbone which offers no single point of failure for mission critical operations. This backbone allows for secured communication services including voice and data separation to enhance information assurance.

Comprehensive Communication Services and Management
The SuperneT VICS backbone comprises fully rugged, small form factor intelligent crew stations, radio and Ethernet gateways to facilitate user assess to a comprehensive suite of voice and data services. These services include vehicle intercom, radio access/control, communication rebroadcast, Layer 2 and 3 switching, etc. The SuperneT VICS also facilitates integrated system management that includes frequency, network and equipment management.

“With our experience and capability in providing C4ISR and System of Systems solutions for the defence sector, ST Electronics is committed to delivering solutions that offer better communications, data and resource management in the field. Our solutions will empower commanders with superior situational awareness which is critical to the success of missions.”

LEE Fook Sun,
President, ST Electronics

SuperneT™ Family of Integrated Communication Systems ST6800
The SuperneT VICS is part of ST Electronics’ award-winning SuperneT family of Integrated Communication Systems (ICS) which provide seamless data and voice interoperability between C4ISR systems. SuperneT offers a complete suite of systems to suit various operational requirements and platforms. These solutions include Vehicular ICS (VICS), Shipboard ICS (SICS) and Unified Communication Centre Suites (UCCS). The VICS solution is designed to fulfill the communication needs of land platforms and fast crafts. The SICS is designed to meet the mission-critical communication needs of naval vessels. The UCCS offer solutions suitable for command centres, command vehicles for emergency and public safety operations, and a field deployable solution for the quick set-up of communication hub.


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